About Me

I am a third year undergraduate in Computer Science at Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology(Delhi University), New Delhi. Working with people in teams, participating in brainstorming discussions and battling with strict deadlines bring out the best within me. Constant involvement in open-source projects is increasing my problem solving skills day by day.

NodeJs and JavaScript are two things which interest me a lot and motivate me to experiment with the APIs and packages available out there. I constantly keep learning and improving myself by building one project at a time. Below this section are some of my projects which I have built in the past few months. I adjust to language environments and code bases as fast as I can and with as much accuracy as possible.

I am optimistic about the things I do and I like nourishing my skills so that someday I'll be able to put forward a massive contribution in the field of tech!

Apart from my technical interests I also spend my time playing cricket and dancing. I am also learning light music simultaneously. Well, I do spend a lot of time watching T.V. too 😅!



This is an Alexa skill that helps user remember the location of items kept around their home/workspace and also provides them with some suggestions of probable locations on the basis of the history of the storage locations of the item.

    Skills used:
  • NodeJs
  • AWS(lambda)
  • AWS(dynamodb)

GitHub Repo


This is a chrome extension that helps user compare two products in Amazon. It compares products on the basis of price, product details and customer reviews

    Skills used:
  • Content Script
  • Background Script
  • HTML
  • CSS

GitHub Repo


This is a CLI tool built on NodeJs which helps user to file issues straight from the terminal.

    Skills used:
  • NodeJs
  • GitHub API

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This project won my team 3 rd position in HACKEAM’18 [1 st from NSIT]. This project helps the underprivileged people interested in sports to create a profile of their own using our website. We have scraped various sport websites to provide the user with collective information at a single place. The project is built using nodejs, mongodb, phantomjs and passportjs.

    Skills used:
  • NodeJs
  • HTML & CSS
  • data scraping

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Bumba is basically a website which helps you to add bookmarks and manage them, view your emails and also provides you with a sketchpad. The project is built using nodejs, passportjs, phantomjs, rest API and mongodb.

    Skills used:
  • NodeJs
  • HTML & CSS
  • mongodb

GitHub Repo

Other projects

    Some of my other projects are:
  • This website itself has been handcrafted by me and it was through this that I practiced my SVG skills and mobile-first design
  • Track-Your-Tabs is an extension which is still under development and so is Jobster too!
  • I also have some experience with 8085/8086 assembly language and C++ graphics. These courses were a part of my Computer Engineering curriculum.
  • Expense tracker is a very basic project built using Java. It was built as part of my college project.


Tech stacks
JavaScript HTML CSS SVG C++ C Java
express handlebars
Libraries, tools and APIs
npm heroku mLab jasmine(testing) git/vcs bootstrap jQuery alexa skills cli interfaces chrome extensions mongodb/mongoose MySQL AWS (lambda) AWS (dynamo DB)
Other fundamental knowledge
data structures and algorithms Operating Systems DBMS Computer Networking

Open Source

I started my journey as an open source contributor a few months back and now I can definitely say that I took the right step in the right direction. I have made quite important bug fixes, some of which I have listed below.
  • Mozilla/send: In #694, I made it possible to reset passwords by using the old authorization key and by using the response header of the XHR request to obtain the specific nonce to authenticate the overwrite of the existing password. Also in this PR, I have created a new UI for the option to reset passwords.
  • W3C/respec: In #1477, I added the feature to link to duplicate definitions inside the specification. In #1571 and #1570, I have made it possible to show the github labels of an issue and also to remove closed github issues from the spec.
  • Fossasia/ PR #233, involved fixing a tweak in the attribute name and its contents and also a minor fault in the query and url construction due to which the fetching of tweets from susper (fossasia’s decentralized search engine) was failing.
  • Mozilla/notes: In PRs #565(same as #549 but for dark theme) and #549 I have created a feature to focus the sidebar on dragging and dropping text into the notes section. In #611 I have added a missing chrome runtime message action.
  • Mozilla/pdf.js: In #9345, I added the feature to hide the download button for PDFs which are loaded from the system itself and in #9287, I have made pdf.js compatible with librejs.
  • Mozilla/ fxa-content-server: In #5888, I added a spinner for the process of avatar loading
  • Mozilla/ network-pulse: In #912 I added a feature to show character counts on fields that have a character limit.
  • Mozilla/ telemetry-dashboard: In #375, I made a code removal to restore the functionality of downloading the entirety of the keyed histogram in CSV and JSON format
The following are the repos and orgs I have contributed to:

Open Source.JSON

"Mozilla": [
"W3C": [
"Fossasia": [,,

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